orange gull

A Wildlife Hospital in the U.K. received a suposily orange exotic bird that was found on the side of the road. People resized that the bird was unable to fly and sent the bird to the hospital. The staff that had received the bird have never seen an orange bird like that ever!

The exotic/tropical/orange bird was taken to the Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital in Aylesbury UK. When the staff clean the bird it turned out that the exotic/tropical/orange bird was just a regular Seagull.

Below are some pictures a quotes from the Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital while they were caring for the bird.

“He had somehow gotten himself covered in curry or turmeric”

“This bright-orange herring gull was rescued by kind members of the public who spotted him at the side of the A41. When they called to say they had picked up an orange bird, we had no idea what to expect – and would never have guessed at this,” Tiggywinkles Wildlife hospital recently posted on their Facebook page.

“Apart from the vibrant colour and pungent smell, he was healthy”

“He is now looking much better and should be able to go for release very soon”

How people thanked the hospital

Image credits: Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital


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