We all had experiences with bad customers, but here are some customers that we caught in the act and the internet went on to shame them online. Everting from malls, resturans and public places people will always act like jerks and make the human race look bad.

Here are a few pictures of people misbehaving in public places:

I May Have Chuckled When I Saw This At The Grocery Store, But Still Trashy. This Would Be About $2

A Customer Wanted To Return Some Produce Because “It Was Too Ripe.” I Asked Him If He Had Already Tried Eating It Anyway And He Said “Does It Look Like I Touched It?”

How People Leave The Aisle In Forever 21…

Customer Being Jerk

Sitting On Raw Chicken While Chatting With A Comcast Rep At Walmart

Spotted Some Opened Up, Upside Down Nail Polish Bottles At Our Local Target

People Keep Stealing Little Buddha Figurines From This Store At My Local Mall

Walmart Shoppers Using Handicapped Spaces As A Cart Drop-Off

When Parents Let Their Kids Destroy The Thrift Store

Store Clerks Had To Lock The Freezers After The Recent Trashy Trend Of People Going Around Stores, Opening Containers And Licking The Top Of The Ice Cream Before Putting It Back

A Customer Tried It On Their Dog And Put It Back On The Shelf

Someone Just Made This Mess, Dropped A Few Napkins On It, And Left The Store

People Testing Spray Paint At Ollies


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