12 Best Riddles You Never Knew About


What has four fingers and a thumb, but is not living?

Answer is: A Glove.

I have keys but no locks. I have a space but no room. You can enter, but can’t go outside. What am I?

Answer is: A Keyboard

I can only live where there is light, but I die if the light shines on me. What am I?

Answer is: A Shadow

What flies when it’s born, lies when it’s alive, and runs when it’s dead?

Answer is: A Snow Flake

What gets wet when drying?

Answer is: A Towel

Every night I’m told what to do, and each morning I do what I’m told. But I still don’t escape your scold.

Answer is: An Alarm Clock

Give me food, and I will live. Give me water, and I will die. What Am I?

Answer is: Fire

What comes once in a minute, twice in a moment, but never in a thousand years?

Answer is: The Letter “M”.

I am a mother and a father but have never given birth. I’m rarely still, but I never wander. What am I?

Answer is: Tree

Hurt without moving. Poison without touching. Bear the truth and the lies. Are not to be judged by our size. What are we?

Answer is: Words

Which word in the dictionary is spelled incorrectly?

Answer is: Incorrectly

I’m always there, some distance away. Somewhere between land or sea and sky I lay. You may move towards me, yet distant I stay.

Answer is: The Horizon


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