Good day! Australia is a beautiful country, however there is a darker more scary side to Australia, the wild life! Australia; trees randomly exploding, insects as big as the eye can see is the smallest continent habited by people and the most spaciest, however that does not include the animals.

All of Australia states which include New South Wales, Northern Territory, Queensland, South Australia, Tasmania, Victoria, and Western Australia are all the states that you should avoid if you don’t want to be spooked in the middle of the night with a big spider over your bed or a giant lizard hanging on the side of your wall.

Australia may sound like a dangerous country to visit; however, as long as you prepare yourself you can enjoy one of the best country in the world!

Here are 40 pictures that show you how dangerous Australia can be if you’re very unlucky:

Snake swallows an entire crocodile

Giant lizard hanging on your wall

Kangaroo on steroids ready to box

Grey Headed Flying Fox hanging on your eavesdrop

A Spider 3 times bigger than your hand

Araucaria Pine Cone, that can kill you if it fall on you

Spiders! Spiders everywhere!

A floating dead whale ready to explode at anytime

Large population of salt water crocodiles

Bugs, really big bugs

100s of spiders on all your stuff

Toads riding on a python

Snakes in your toilet

Giant Hot Pink Slug

Frogs Eating Snakes

Snakes in Your Shops

Filling Up For Fuel Can Also Kill You

Organized Harry Caterpillars

Don’t Ever Avoid An Australian Sign

Giant Earth Worms

Striped Anemone With a Powerful Stinger

Always Check Your Shoes

Snake Will Even Hide In Your Kids Lunch Box

Typical Australia

Snakes in the Ceiling

Always Check Your Toilet

Giant Insects

Spiders Spiders Spiders

Poisonous Octopus

Snake Catches A Bat

Hail That Can Kill

Giant Insect Homes

Giant Insects On Your Legs


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