We all know too well about the stereotype that the girl always takes her time to take the best picture possible of her boyfriend. Well here are 30 pictures that prove the theory that the girlfriend will always take the better picture.

It’s a well known fact she will be looking and waiting for the best lighting, angle and timing to take more than one picture. One picture won’t be enough to capture the perfect moment. After all that she will be left with a picture worthy to post on instagram or add it proudly to her photo album.

Whereas, the boyfriend will take a quick picture with out even looking at the picture they took, just a quick picture. As long as he hears the camera shutter sound he knows that he has take the best picture possible

Picture timing? What’s that.. Maybe he is just trying to take a funny picture of his significant other; because we all know funny and goofy memories will make a lasting impression.

No matter what the situation, here is a complication of 30 photos taken by him vs. taken by her.


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