Sometimes or most of the times when we get a delivery it always shows up in the worst possible way. Here are some examples of the worst packages you will ever see. From food to delicate electronics it seems like the delivery never turns out to be good.

See below for 15 people that dont know how to deliver packages:

This Amazon Delivery Man Who Delivers A Package And Then Steals It Himself

My First 4k TV Finally Arrived!

Domino’s Pizza Delivery Guy Caught Eating Toppings

Over The Past Six Months, Canada Post Has Lost Three Packages For Me, All Of Which It Claims To Have Delivered. I Think I Discovered The Reason Why Today

Sipping The Drink Before Delivery

Delivery Guy Throws Package Up The Balcony

The Way Amazon Delivered My Single Nose Ring


Worst of Both

The Delivery Guy Stacked Our Pizzas On The Side

Thanks USPS

So FedEx Delivered My New TV

Delivery Drivers At The Pizza Place I Worked At Gave Zero F. Found In A Delivery Bag

Looks Like I Won’t Be Listening To My New Vinyl Record. Thanks, USPS

Hopefully No One Will Notice The Delivery


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