Having a good boss is key when working as it can determine how your day would be. We’ve all head the crazy story of peoples bosses doing unthinkable things at work. Hopefully you don’t ever experience a boss as bad as the ones below.

 Our Boss Doesn’t Let Us Take Any Home!

This Structural Pole My Boss Refuses To Fix

After Receiving A $50 Gift Card For Walmart As A Christmas Gift From My Boss, I Was Happy Until I Saw That It Had Been Deducted From My Paycheck

Secret Recording Device Under Break Room Table At Work

One Of A Seemingly Endless Series Of Unreasonable Notes Left By My Boss. It’s Great Here

Came To Work To Find That My Boss Threw Away Everyone’s Desks And Replaced Them With Dressers, A Sheet Of Glass, And Saddle Chairs

My Boss Thought It Would Be A Good Idea To Play Drag Racing. On His iPad. While Driving A Truck. On The Highway

So My Boss Calls Me To A Meeting On My Day Off, Then Asks Me To Arrange The Meeting Room

My Boss Ordered A Box Of 6000 Pepper Packets Instead Of A Shaker, So Now I Get To Spend My Saturday Cutting Open Packets For Our Burger Seasoning

Artists At My Local Tattoo Shop Left This For Their Boss After Finding A Motion Detector That Records Video In The Unisex BR


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