Many photos we see has been edited a bit in some way to get the wow factor. Editing pictures takes a lot skills are creativity just like the ones below. many of the pictures below have been edited in a comedic way. There are pictures of cat, dog, bears, babies, and people posing in comedic ways.

If you ever thought that you have taken a boring picture, photoshop can come to the rescue. just check out the pictures below and get inspired! If you edit a photo and want it featured on Joke Radar send us an email and we will gladly add it to our list.

This Tree Got Struck By Lighting

Cat on a Pogo Stick

Porcupine Becomes a Grandma


Green Dog Becomes The Grinch

Impala With a Spider Web Between its Antlers

Pringles Bridge

Keanu Reeves Running From This Paparazzi After Stealing His Camera

Cat Beard Rock Band

Fishing with a Bear

Dog goes Mountain Biking

Leopard Eats a Fish Under Water

Dog Kayaking

Baby, The Movie


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