Taking care of you kid is an important aspect of the human race. However, it should be done right and not like the example shown below.

Its a good thing that the parenting fail percentage is small…I hope

Changing Her Baby’s Dirty Diaper On Top Of An Old Navy Clothing Display

Letting Their Children Play On The “Vietnam Women’s Memorial” Right In Front Of Veterans

Kids Just Destroyed This Thrift Shop’s Toy Section And Their Parents Did Nothing

Changing Diaper on the Restaurant Table

Right In The Middle of The Plane

Putting A Used Diaper In A Child’s Shoe Is The Hot New Thing In My Parents’ Hometown

Dealership I Work At Gives Out Loaner Vehicles While We Get Theirs Repaired. One We Just Got Back

This Little Kid’s Ballon In The Theatre

Leaving Your Baby In The Middle Of The Entrance (The Parents Were Nowhere To Be Seen)

This Parent Became Part Of The Show So She Can Get A Close Up Of Her Kid

 I Love Watching My Kid Through An iPad

When Parents Allow Their Kids To Make Messes In Stores Like This


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